“Confidence ” is such a powerful tool which can bring you a lot of things, if you decide to show it on the right time and at the right place. And this can imply to any situation, you just have to look around and maybe at your self’s too. There is something unique inside everyone which makes them different from the others and eachone has the power to use that uniqueness or the special quality to achieve everything they want and shine out brighter in the crowd. The only factor that stops people from even thinking about beginning there dreams and goals is the “confidence”. But before making the world to believe in your goals and dreams you yourself have to keep faith in them and for that you have to start believing in yourself. And in this “having the constant faith in your own journey”, MIRROR will unknowingly become your bestest companion throughout. Mirror is the only thing that shows your real reflection inside out without applying filters and doing any fancy editing. So whenever you feel you need an instant boost of confidence just look at yourself in the mirror and repeat these assertive sentences like,” I can do it” and ” I am not less than anyone “, because it is considered that chanting positive words or sentences positively affecting your mind as well as body. And when you actually mastered the art of believing in yourself and your goals you will became unstoppable and ultimately the universe will give you the power to make others believe in themselves too. So what else you can be more grateful for than such a powerful weapon ! The power to allow others always lies in our own self. Without our permission no one can make us behave the way they want. So never let anybody else to take the control and authority of your self otherwise you will remain just as a dead human being without your own identity and dignity. Let’s create a kind world where no one can use your shyness or being less confident in your words as a weapon to suppress you or to disrespect you in any or the other way.

Remember,” With confidence you have won before you started”.

2 thoughts on “Nobody can suppress your confidence if you don’t allow them.

  1. What a great post! I very much enjoyed reading it. Self-confidence and self-belief is the way to accomplish our goals🔥
    Much love and abundance. Keep on sharing.


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